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My name is Ronald Stevelink and I was born in the early seventies, in the height of the cold war, under the smoke of runway 24 of Twenthe Airbase in the eastern part of the Netherlands, 15 km from the German border.


I grew up with the understanding how important it is to have a strong and agile defence force; the one and only"enemy" was just 500 km away...


The area was full of airbases; a perfect place to become an aviation enthusiast. Twenthe airbase had two squadrons NF-5A/B and later the F-16A/B. Rheine Hopsten airbase at only 60 km away had one wing Jagdbombergeschwader 36 and later Jagdgeschwader 72 equipped with 50 "good old"F-4F Phantoms. RAF Gutersloh was 120 km away and was equipped with two squadrons Harrier GR4s and one squadron of Chinhook helicopters and not to forget the live firing training area at Nordhorn Klausheide, the l;atter the only operational remaining today. It is obvious that in these years all european countries had a defence force roughly eight times bigger than now in 2018.


But the threat of attacks is not significantly lower. Nowadays various terrorist groups try to destabilize any country in the western society and the importance of a strong defence force is more necessary than ever. This is not always understood in our societies. That is exactly the reason this website is created: to provide insights and more understandign of varying armed forces and enhance the public relations by featuring articles regarding their activities.


This website focusses mainly on events organised by airforces all over the world and were press accreditiation has been obtained. Several articles are also published in paper magazines and PDF;'s of these articles can be sent to you on request.


I hope you enjoy the pictures and articles on this website. hope to see you somewhere!


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